Neue Bride was started by Sydney, who saw a need in the bridal industry for a shop that tells a story and connects with the modern laid back woman. She realized there was so many independent designers out there breaking the mold, but not many bridal studios willing to offer their styles and that is when Neue Bride was born!

Sydney Davis, Owner and Creative Director of Neue Bride - Arizona Bridal shop for the non-traditional bride to find her wedding dress.
Neue Bride at The Scott Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona for wedding dress photoshoot.

At Neue Bride, we offer a handpicked and inspired selection of wedding gowns for the modern, confident and cool bride. Our collection is effortless and yet unforgettable. So for the Neue Bride looking to make their own rules, come visit us soon, we can’t wait to meet you!


“Neue Bride is for the woman that wants to feel like herself on her wedding day”


Who is a Neue Bride?

Neue Bride is for all the modern, confident and cool women out there! The Neue brand embodies much more than just wedding dresses including fashion, good music, creativity and new ideas. Our brides are looking to find a dress that is different and unique and that is reflective of their own personality and style.

Every Neue Bride wants to feel like herself on her wedding day, and sometimes that means stepping outside the traditional bridal box. We want every bride that comes to shop with us to feel comfortable, understood and celebrated!

Neue Bride at the Scott Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona wearing the Anais wedding dress.