What Up Bridal World!?


what up bridal world!? welcome to neue bride! we are so glad you found us!

let me introduce myself. my name is sydney and i am the creative director and founder here at neue bride. I am an all around ocd freak, recovering sugar addict and lover of all things mexican. to be honest, i spend a majority of my time thinking about the next thing i am going to eat. my guilty pleasure? online shopping; it's like a gift from me to me.

i started neue bride a little less than a year after my own wedding. at only age 25, i could see my career in graphic design coming to a standstill, i had recently planned every detail of my own wedding and i saw a large gap in the industry for a specialty bridal shop that catered specifically to the modern bride.

que the scene: girl who knows nothing about business or cash-flow, patches together business plan, self-funds and launches niche bridal showroom.

neue bride is an oasis for stylish modern bridal babes. we offer a hand-selected, specially curated and inspired collection of wedding gowns. we want finding your wedding gown to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

there can be a misconception that bohemian can equate to casual. our take on bohemian gowns range from glamorous luxe to ethereal to sleek and minimal. wherever you fall on that scale, we would love to help you find your gown.

follow us on social media to keep up with shop updates, new arrivals and styles and events @neuebride. come visit us soon, we can't wait to meet you!

Xx sydney davis creative director + founder