Designer Feature // Rebecca Schoneveld x Neue Bride

Rebecca Schoneveld is a modern bridal designer and her new 2020 bridal collection can be found at Arizona bridal shop Neue Bride in Mesa, Arizona!
Rebecca, the designer and mastermind behind Rebecca Schoneveld Bridal is a resourceful, creative and inspired bridal designer.

Rebecca Schoneveld: resourceful, creative, inspired. Much like her gown collection. Rebecca worked in the fashion industry for several years, in several different roles. Eventually, after noticing a lack of fulfillment, she established her own clothing company, Schone Maternity, an eco-friendly and contemporary dress shop for pregnant women. Schone Maternity flourished until the economic dip that left many small businesses in ruins. However, unlike many small businesses, the end of Schone Maternity lead to the beginning of Rebecca Schoneveld bridal gowns.

The Rebecca Schoneveld 2020 bridal collection is available at Arizona bridal shop, Neue Bride in Mesa, Arizona! Come shop for the boho lace bell sleeve Jasper gown and the boho open back Vieques bodysuit skirt combination.

The idea for a bridal shop was born in the living room of her small California apartment. In 2009, after working a short time for a larger company in yet another soul-crushing role, Rebecca eventually began an Etsy shop selling cocktail gowns that she made out of leftover fabric from Schone Maternity. In her first month, she filled 20 orders. As her shop began to grow she began getting custom requests for longer, white gowns.

Rebecca Schoneveld 2020 bridal collection is available at Arizona Bridal Shop, Neue Bride in Mesa, Arizona! Come shop for modern wedding dresses like the Paloma A-line gown with flutter sleeve and beautiful intricately embroidered train.

Rebecca’s bridal gown business started small, but she always made sure every bride felt like her dress was unique and matched her style. A standard that she continues to live by today. The shop doubled it’s business every year until Rebecca Schoneveld found herself a big name in bridal design.

The Rebecca Schoneveld 2020 bridal collection can be customized to fit your wedding dress dreams! Combine skirt and bodysuit combos to create your custom dress! Come shop for modern wedding dresses at Neue Bride in Mesa, Arizona!

Rebecca Schoneveld gowns are designed for women who have their own sense of style and personality and who refuse to be put into a box. As a designer, Rebecca aims to make sure that women feel beautiful exactly how they are. Fighting against the concept that a woman has to look a very specific way to be considered attractive by the world. To her, every woman is exquisite in her own unique ways and Rebecca’s gowns seek to highlight unique female qualities.

Lace wedding dresses with open backs are available at Arizona bridal shop, Neue Bride in Mesa, Arizona!

Being a bride is special, thrilling, and if we’re being honest, stressful. There is an endless list of things that could go wrong. And, if we’re still being honest, some of those things will go wrong. But when it’s all said and done, as you look through your wedding albums, in a Rebecca Schoneveld gown, your wedding will be the most memorable day of your life. You’ll never forget being stunningly and perfectly yourself. Because you are stunning and you are perfect!

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